A Purpose-Built Investor & Accounting Portal for Private Capital

Streamline back-office functions and deliver an exceptional investor experience with ViewPoint™, the industry’s most advanced and powerful integrated investor and accounting portal.

ViewPoint is a proprietary, purpose-built platform available to PEF Services clients and their investors. This innovative technology draws data from the fund’s official books and records to power an integrated investor portal and general partner (GP) accounting portal. With a single source of truth to facilitate and drive internal workflows and external reporting, your firm can achieve new levels of transparency, efficiency, and investor service.

Designed by GPs for GPs and enhanced by a team of finance, accounting, audit, and compliance experts, ViewPoint reflects the needs of today’s private market participants.

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The intuitive design of ViewPoint provides unparalleled visibility and drill-down capabilities to enable GPs and LPs to find exactly what they need—when and where they need it—with secure access anytime, anywhere. Combining powerful data-driven workflows, document management, access to real-time fund data, and next-generation investor reporting and data visualization, ViewPoint enables fund managers to streamline the back-office function and deliver a best-in-class investor experience.

ViewPoint offers 3 Portal Levels – Accounting, Investor, and Institutional.

Accounting Portal

The Accounting Portal enhances operational efficiency.  Avoid repeated, manual reconciliations, accelerate the review and approval of books and eliminate version control issues with a seamless, data-driven workflow, secure file exchange, and real-time access to the fund’s books and records.

Support back-office efficiency and visibility with a data-driven workflow experience that enables accounting professionals to streamline communications and accelerate the review and approval process.

  • Enhance visibility with direct, drill-down access to the official books and records of the fund and both current and historical accounting information.
  • Improve efficiency with seamless workflow and version control for review and approval of books.
  • Perform additional review and analysis by downloading the full set of accounting reports to Excel for each reporting period.
  • Strengthen security by replacing email data and document exchange with secure portal data communications.

With full integration across the accounting system, the review and approval workflow, and the investor portal, fund managers can enjoy new levels of control, visibility, and flexibility.

Investor Portal

The ViewPoint Investor Portal enhances the investor experience by providing self-service access to their data and documents securely via an interactive portal.

The ViewPoint Investor Portal provides:

  • Multi-level access (client, fund, investor)
  • Client access to investor database with search functions (CRM)
  • Document management functionality including workflow and permissions
  • Automated bulk upload of documents
  • Workflow for the approval of documents
  • Customizable templates for email notifications
  • Automated email notifications with links to document (easy for investor to get to document)
  • Reporting on status of documents (did investor view/download)
  • Workflow for electronic receipt of K-1 consent
  • Virtual file folder structure (user can create their own “folder” of documents via filters)
  • Investment portfolio information

Secure Document Access

ViewPoint organizes and stores all documents securely and enables investors to search, filter, and easily access capital calls, distributions, financial statements, capital statements, K-1s, and other fund-related documents.

Institutional Portal

With the ViewPoint Institutional Portal, you transform the investor experience and achieve new levels of efficiency and control over back-office accounting processes while delivering the highest levels of transparency, access, and self-service convenience to your LPs. Discover what a next-generation fund accounting and investor reporting platform can do for your firm.

The ViewPoint Institutional Portal enables you to exceed LP expectations with secure, self-service access to documents, underlying fund data, and customizable, interactive dashboards for visualizing total exposure and a full range of performance metrics.

The ViewPoint Institutional Portal extends the Investor Portal capabilities by providing:

  • Data Visualization (charts & graphs)
  • Performance Metrics, Exposure Charts, Capital Balances
  • Investment Reporting & Performance Metrics
  • Ability of the Client to customize the Investor experience
  • Client & Investor Access to Underlying Data
  • Ability to export all data to Excel in standard format for subsequent reporting
  • Investors access CRM directly for updates
  • Investors securely update bank information and client approval workflow

Interactive Dashboards

Interactive dashboards provide fund details such as vintage year, fund strategy, total commitment, unfunded commitment, and a complete range of performance metrics, including DPI, RVPI, TVPI, and IRR. Investors can see total exposure by industry and region and fund performance over time, including fund multiples and IRR.

GPs can brand the investor portal with their logo and colors and customize dashboard charts in a simple, intuitive interface.

Real-Time Data

Investors can review data specific to their individual commitments, contributions, distributions, residuals, and fund performance; access the underlying, official, real-time data with one click; and export information to Excel for further analysis and reporting.

Fund Administration Technology White Paper

The fund administration function has been slower to take advantage of the benefits of technology than other areas, but it has caught up quickly in the last few years. Spurred on by the realities of narrower margins, higher investor expectations, and more complex reporting requirements, General Partners (GPs) are increasingly turning to technology to help the back office keep pace.

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ViewPoint Portal

In the past decade, the private capital industry has changed—and grown—dramatically.

As the pace of change accelerates, a growing number of investment firms of every size and type are rethinking their back-office strategy…and turning to outsourced fund administration.

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