The Next Generation In
Investor Portal Technology

Enhanced Control, Visibility, & Decision Making

The alternative asset class has matured – and so have investor expectations. Traditional investor portals that are limited to document storage and access don’t reflect the needs of today’s sophisticated investors.

ViewPoint™ is a proprietary, next-generation investor portal that delivers the interactive, data-driven experience today’s sophisticated investors expect, including data visualization, detailed performance reporting, real-time access to underlying data, and secure document delivery.

Investors can drill down into data specific to their individual commitments, contributions, distributions, residuals, and fund performance.

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Performance Reporting & Investor Communications

The ViewPoint investor portal enables General Partners to differentiate their service and demonstrate the highest levels of transparency and professionalism to their Limited Partners.

Enhance the investor experience by giving your investors self-service access to their data and documents via an interactive portal.

  • Convenience: In-depth fund data and all investor documents can be accessed from a single dashboard anytime, anywhere.
  • Security: Avoid email risks and share sensitive financial data on a portal protected by two-factor authentication and extended validation SSL certificates.
  • Control: Give your investors the freedom to visualize their data, export it to Excel, and analyze or report on it any way they choose.

Key Features

  • Interactive dashboards
  • Fund details and performance metrics
  • Fund performance over time
  • Total and unfunded commitment
  • Exposure by industry
  • Access to underlying, real-time data
  • One-click Excel exports
  • Secure document storage
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Extended validation SSL certification

Interactive Dashboards

Interactive dashboards provide fund details, including vintage year, fund strategy, total commitment, unfunded commitment, and a complete range of performance metrics, including DPI, RVPI, TVPI, and IRR. Investors can see total exposure by industry and region and fund performance over time, including fund multiples and IRR.

Real-Time Data

Investors can drill down into data specific to their individual commitments, contributions, distributions, residuals, and fund performance; access the underlying, official, real-time data with one click; and export information to Excel for further analysis and reporting.

Secure Document Access

ViewPoint organizes and stores all documents securely and enables investors to search, filter, and easily access capital calls, distributions, financial statements, K-1s, and other fund-related documents.

ViewPoint Investor Portal

ViewPoint delivers the experience today’s investors demand while freeing fund managers to focus on value creation.

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Performance Reporting Insights

One of the greatest challenges for the private capital markets—and one of the greatest opportunities—centers on transparency. Investors and regulators alike are demanding new levels of disclosure, but investment firms have struggled to develop the processes required to meet those expectations. At a macro level, the private capital market as a whole is being held back by the lack of a consistent standard of reporting that makes it difficult for investors to compare performance and firms across liquid and illiquid asset classes.

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