Verification and Review Services

Demystify the Complexity

Complex, nonstandard reporting processes make it challenging for investors in illiquid alternative asset funds to review, analyze, and verify the data they need. PEF Verification and Review Services give you the data you need to clarify fees and expenses at the investor level and identify areas of concern or discrepancy.

Limited Partners often rely heavily on annual audits of alternative investment funds.  These audits are designed to ensure conformity with the applicable accounting principles at the entity or fund level and testing procedures, scope and materiality do not address individual investor requirements.  PEF Verification and Review Services deliver compliance procedure that are customized to an individual investor’s needs.

Services Include

  • Management fee recalculation at the investor level
  • Incentive allocation modeling and verification at the investor level
  • A review of expense allocations in accordance with the LPA

Verification and Review Services are customized to your unique needs and fund type. Contact us using the form below to discuss your requirements.

How It Works

Verification and Review Services are easy to implement and cost effective, with services ranging from $500 to $1,200 per investment fund annually depending on the scope of services:

  • We schedule an initial call to discuss your specific needs
  • We work with you to select a representative sample of funds to review
  • We determine the scope of services required
  • We work directly with your fund managers to clarify transaction data
  • We independently perform reviews and testing

At the end of the process, you receive a detailed findings report that itemizes fees and expenses clearly, and highlights any areas of concern.

Key Benefits

  • Focused, investor-level compliance procedures
  • Audit support
  • Investment board support and reporting
  • Analysis of fees against performance

Trusted Experience

PEF is a boutique firm built on decades of expertise in the administration of illiquid alternative assets. We perform calculations to help Limited Partners recalculate, model, and verify individual fee and expense allocations.

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