The Private Capital Industry Is Evolving


SBA Changes Debenture Repayment Procedures

By David Gerogosian, PEF Services SBA has changed the procedures and timing of repayment of SBA issued debentures beginning with the upcoming September 2013 payment date.  While SBA has made it more clear how to make prepayments of outstanding debentures held by...

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Don’t be a Jobs Act Wallflower, Dance with the Bellwethers!

By Mark Heil It's a hot summer - time to be outdoors enjoying family and friends. It's a time for adventure.  It's time to take in a ballgame and enjoy the Boys of Summer.  So I asked myself what would Satchel Paige's advice be with regards to the SEC's lifting the...

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Duane Morris Event – "Inside the Mind of the Limited Partner"

By Anne Anquillare, PEF Services Duane Morris put on an excellent event recently, entitled “Inside the Mind of the Limited Partner”. The speakers focused on middle-market buyout funds, but many comments are applicable to all private capital funds. Now, I know plenty...

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SBIC pre-screening process

By David Gerogosian, PEF Services LLC With long term interest rates at record lows, the availability of low cost borrowings from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) for fund managers licensed through the SBIC program has drawn interest from fund manager that...

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