The Private Capital Industry Is Evolving


Fund Valuations – a Picasso or Einstein’s Law of Physics

by Mark Heil, PEF Services LLC “There’s more science behind it [the valuation of a company] than there was 10 years ago, but there still is a fair amount of art because there is always the hesitancy of the firm to over promise and under deliver with regards to...

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What Is Your Backup Plan?

By Joe Campbell, CTO, PEF Services LLC A guide to Business Continuity Planning by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council When firewalls fry, and desktops die, what should you do? Pull out your Business Continuity Plan (BCP) - if you have one. A BCP is...

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Miami in February (aka the SBIA Southern Regional Conference)

By David Gergosian, PEF Services We typically like to give you our insights on recent conferences that we have attended. I think this time I just want to remember that it was sunny and 80 degrees. Seriously though, while the star of the conference for many folks might...

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Striking the Right Balance in Cybersecurity

by Joe Campbell, PEF Services LLC You can’t seem to go anywhere in the private equity technology industry without hearing about potential threats and new requirements from regulators. PEF got into the mix with our own webinar where we tried to strike a balance between...

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