Aligning All the Interests

General partners are engaging a whole host of specialized service providers, and funds are increasingly picking up the tab. Are all parties aligned enough to ensure that investors can reap the benefits as well? To read the full article click here.

Private Equity Funds: Leverage and Performance Evaluation

Anne Anquillare was featured in the July 16, 2018 CFA Institute blog entitled Private Equity Funds: Leverage and Performance Evaluation by Antonella Puca, CFA, CIPM, CPA As Anne Anquillare, CFA, president and CEO of PEF Services, notes: “It is important to distinguish a subscription line of credit that is used to finance investments over a longer period of time versus…

SBIC Fund Administration: Understanding The Stakes

By Anne Anquillare, Chief Executive Officer & President, PEF Services, LLC Small Business Investment Companies (SBIC) are attractive investment funds, enabling GPs to access government leverage at low rates that enhance returns. But they also come with more complex administrative requirements, and those requirements are changing all the time. Firms involved in the SBIC program must be prepared to keep…

New Era, New Expectations

By Beth Manzi, Chief Operating Officer, PEF Services LLC In an era of increased regulatory scrutiny, sophisticated investors, and narrowing margins, General Partners are turning to their fund administrators for solutions. But while some are rising to the challenge, others are falling short. Why General Partners Are Rethinking Their Needs From mega-buyouts to Dodd Frank to ILPA guidelines to the…

Top 3 Benefits The Best Fund Administrators Provide General Partners

What General Partners Need to Know By Beth Manzi, Chief Operating Officer, PEF Services LLC Private equity is having another good year, but is too much of a good thing stressing your back-office?  Are your investor demands exceeding your firm’s back-office capabilities?  Are you struggling to keep up to date on regulatory requirements?  If so, you’re not alone. Who’s Got…

3 Best Practices for Fee and Expense Allocations

Fostering Collaboration By Anne Anquillare, Chief Executive Officer and President of PEF Services LLC When GPs find themselves in a defensive position, they can’t make the best decisions for the fund and their investors. And fee and expense allocation has become one of the areas where GPs often feel as though they are on the back foot. How can GPs…

Transform Your Back Office into a Center of Excellence

Today’s investment firms are poised for growth. But they also face significant challenges, including tighter regulations, more complex reporting requirements, increased reputational risks and rising operational costs. An efficient, transparent back office helps your firm address these challenges and more by ensuring compliance, enhancing LP reporting and communications, protecting your reputation, and supporting sustainable growth.

The Proactive Approach

” The Proactive Approach” discusses the ongoing stream of new regulatory requirements covering fees and expenses that can be overwhelming to funds but Anne Anquillare says a proactive strategy can keep managers ahead of the game.  To read the full article click here.

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