The Private Capital Industry Is Evolving


House Bill Enables SBA to Provide More Leverage to SBICs

by David Gerogosian, PEF Services On December 18, 2012, The House of Representatives passed a bill to allow the Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide to Small Business Investment Companies (SBICs) up to $350 MM in leverage.  Previously, the SBA was limited to...

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Are You “SBIC Worthy”?

by David Gerogosian and Allen Greenberg, PEF Services, LLC Competition for an SBIC license is at a high. The lure of cheap leverage that gooses investors' returns has put the SBA in a position where it can be more choosy in selecting fund managers – a prerogative that...

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The Portal – A Fund’s Blue Suit

by Joseph Campbell, PEF Services and Mark Heil, PEF Services The fashion world will tell you that a staple of every business person’s wardrobe is a blue suit.  With it, you are “dressed for success”.  To impress an investor, you need to don your best: solid returns,...

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Are you an investor or a GP of an “orphan” fund?

by Allen Greenberg, PEF Services An orphan fund is difficult to define – as Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said regarding obscenity, “I know it when I see it.”  Well, the same is probably true of an orphan fund (also known as a zombie fund) – relatively small...

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IRS Weighs In On Investor Privacy

by Beth Manzi, PEF Services In February 2012,  the IRS issued a revenue procedure regarding the electronic delivery of Schedule K-1 and/or personal information and provides specific standards for an "effective delivery" of a K-1 schedule.  These include prior...

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