The Private Capital Industry Is Evolving


SBIC pre-screening process

By David Gerogosian, PEF Services LLC With long term interest rates at record lows, the availability of low cost borrowings from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) for fund managers licensed through the SBIC program has drawn interest from fund manager that...

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Shine a bright light

By Anne Anquillare, PEF Services New research in the field of optogenetics discovered that shining a bright light on neurons in the brain can modify behavior.  This phenomenon is demonstrated in many other areas – light therapy dispels the winter blues, decreases mold...

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What I heard at PEI’s 10th Annual CFOs & COOs Forum

by Anne Anquillare, PEF Services I attended PEI’s Private Equity Forum for CFOs and COOs last week in NYC.  This is a great conference for professionals who manage or are involved with the finance, accounting and operational aspects of private equity firms.  It...

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House Bill Enables SBA to Provide More Leverage to SBICs

by David Gerogosian, PEF Services On December 18, 2012, The House of Representatives passed a bill to allow the Small Business Administration (SBA) to provide to Small Business Investment Companies (SBICs) up to $350 MM in leverage.  Previously, the SBA was limited to...

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Are You “SBIC Worthy”?

by David Gerogosian and Allen Greenberg, PEF Services, LLC Competition for an SBIC license is at a high. The lure of cheap leverage that gooses investors' returns has put the SBA in a position where it can be more choosy in selecting fund managers – a prerogative that...

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The Portal – A Fund’s Blue Suit

by Joseph Campbell, PEF Services and Mark Heil, PEF Services The fashion world will tell you that a staple of every business person’s wardrobe is a blue suit.  With it, you are “dressed for success”.  To impress an investor, you need to don your best: solid returns,...

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