The Private Capital Industry Is Evolving


The Back-Office Helps Managers Transform Fundraising Potential

Anne Anquillare, head of US fund services at PEF Services, a CSC company, discusses what GPs are doing to meet evolving investor expectations, the importance of changing minds and outlines a roadmap to back-office readiness. Click to read the article and watch the...

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Why LPs are diving into waterfalls

The complexity of distribution waterfalls can often deter Limited Partners (LPs) from engaging in the calculation process, but as Delphine Jones, solutions consultant executive at PEF Services explains, understanding the methods and arming yourself with a bit of...

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Distribution Waterfalls Methods

By Beth Manzi, CPA, Chief Operating Officer, PEF Services, LLCThere are two basic methods into which private equity distribution waterfall schedules are classified: European or American. Typically, the European waterfall is preferred by Limited Partners (LPs), while...

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Distribution Waterfalls 101

By Beth Manzi, CPA, Chief Operating Officer, PEF Services, LLCA distribution waterfall defines the way the profit of a fund is distributed between the Limited Partners (LPs) and the General Partner (GP.) It also defines the distribution of carried interest to the GP...

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Limited Partners are Diving Into Waterfalls

By Beth Manzi, CPA, Chief Operating Officer, PEF Services, LLCInvesting is about returns, and, in private equity, how those returns are distributed to investors is dictated by the waterfall provisions of the Limited Partnership Agreement. Until recently, many...

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Maintain Insight, Access, and Control of Your Fund Data

By Hank Boggio, Senior Managing Director & Chief Revenue Officer of PEF Services LLC Outsourcing your fund administration services does not mean losing control or access to your data. Self-service portals can streamline and organize data for General Partner CFOs...

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