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For nearly two decades, PEF has been at the forefront of fund administration technology.  One of the first to recognize the potential of automation and analytics in streamlining administrative processes and delivering greater insight and transparency, we continue to make technology a priority today. Our clients benefit from a mix of proprietary technologies and industry-standard platforms, resulting in a system that is powerful, flexible, and purpose-built for private fund financial reporting, investor communications, and data management.

Fund Accounting Platform

PEF leverages Investran as its core fund accounting platform to process portfolio and partnership transactions, maintain general ledger and investor capital accounts, and track investor data for each client. By leveraging Investran, PEF ensures the efficient and timely processing of all client accounting information.

PEF ViewPoint™ Investor Portal

No longer satisfied with investor portals that are limited to document storage, sophisticated investors are demanding more visibility and access to their investment data. ViewPoint from PEF Services is a proprietary, next-generation investor portal that supports data visualization, detailed performance reporting, real-time access to underlying data, and secure document delivery.

With ViewPoint, investors access interactive dashboards to see fund details, including vintage year, fund strategy, total commitment, unfunded commitment, and a complete range of performance metrics, including DPI, RVPI, TVPI, and IRR.

Investors can drill down into data specific to their individual commitments, contributions, distributions, residuals, and fund performance and access the underlying, official, real-time data with one click from the official books and records of their fund(s).

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PEFOnline Reporting Portal

PEFOnline (PEFO) is a proprietary client self-service reporting portal that streamlines and organizes information for quarterly and annual reports, as well as for information related to portfolio companies, investment transactions and securities for internal analysis and external reviews, reports, and audits. This robust tool offers easy navigation along with online dashboards and customizable reports designed for fund managers, auditors, tax preparers, and investors.  The PEFO platform also includes an Accounting Dashboard which provides fund managers with on-demand, transparent access to their accounting data, including all financial statements, with the ability to drill down to transaction level detail. All reports and drill down views can be exported to Excel for additional analysis and reporting.  All fund manager month-end and quarter-end accounting reports are available through PEFO and each fund manager’s full Excel-based reporting package is also available through this interface for download.


Fund Administration Outsourcing

As recent as two decades ago, few firms outside of the hedge fund market would have considered outsourcing fund administration. But as industry pressures have transformed this back-office function, outsourced fund administration has become a viable option for funds of every size and type, including venture, buyout, debt, real estate, SPVs, fund of funds, and more.

This white paper examines some of the top considerations informing the decision to outsource fund administration, provides key criteria to apply to the task of selecting a fund administrator, and provides a useful checklist for evaluating the capabilities and cultural fit of shortlisted fund administration partners.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Private Equity

Fund Administration

In the past decade, the private capital industry has changed—and grown—dramatically.

As the pace of change accelerates, a growing number of investment firms of every size and type are rethinking their back-office strategy...and turning to outsourced fund administration.

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