Treasury Services Ensure Compliance
with Financial Regulations

At the Forefront of Fund Administration

Since 2002, PEF Services has been at the forefront of fund administration. Combining our world-class services, technology and expert staff, we have helped 100+ General Partners of every size, type and investment strategy to reduce and control operating costs, elevate service levels to their investors, streamline operations, improve focus on strategic initiatives and achieve sustainable growth. As part of our service to our clients, we report to more than 4,000 investors.

We provide Treasury Services which ensure compliance with financial regulations and specific banking and industry standards.

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Treasury Services

We prepare and review transaction requests to help you minimize the time and effort you spend on day-to-day banking activities. The list of services we provide include:

  • Administer online banking through authorized, read-only access
  • Examine vendor payables, distributions to investors, LOC payments, deposit processing, and other transactions per client’s instructions
  • Prepare and review transactions for accuracy and completeness
  • Forward transactions to client for review and release

Fund Administration Outsourcing

As recent as two decades ago, few firms outside of the hedge fund market would have considered outsourcing fund administration. But as industry pressures have transformed this back-office function, outsourced fund administration has become a viable option for funds of every size and type, including venture, buyout, debt, real estate, SPVs, fund of funds, and more.

This white paper examines some of the top considerations informing the decision to outsource fund administration, provides key criteria to apply to the task of selecting a fund administrator, and provides a useful checklist for evaluating the capabilities and cultural fit of shortlisted fund administration partners.

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Benefits of Outsourcing Private Equity

Fund Administration

In the past decade, the private capital industry has changed—and grown—dramatically.

As the pace of change accelerates, a growing number of investment firms of every size and type are rethinking their back-office strategy...and turning to outsourced fund administration.

100+ General Partners rely on PEF Services