Administer Your SBIC Fund
With Industry-Leading Expertise

Proven Track Record in SBIC Funds

Small Business Investment Companies (SBIC) are attractive investment funds, enabling General Partners to access government leverage at low rates that enhance returns. SBIC funds also come with more complex administrative, reporting and compliance requirements, and those requirements are changing all the time.

Download the Solution Sheet for more information on PEF’s services for SBIC funds. See how we help our clients enhance control, visibility, and decision making.

Industry-Leading Expertise

With deep roots in the SBIC community, a high-touch approach to service, and a best-of-breed technology platform to support you and your investors, PEF helps firms meet complex SBIC fund reporting and compliance requirements confidently.

PEF’s SBIC Fund Administration Benefits

  • Customized solutions that align with your workflow
  • Efficient, cost-effective support
  • A dedicated, experienced client services team
  • Consistent, accurate financial reporting
  • Industry-leading technology to streamline investment data collection
  • A fund accounting platform customized for SBA reporting
  • Investor portal with 24/7 data access for you and your investors

Above the surface, PEF’s SBIC clients work with an experienced team of professionals supported by Service Level Agreements, weekly update calls, and customized LP and GP portals.

Below the surface, there is much more than what meets the eye.

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Our SBIC Services

SBA Reporting & Compliance

  • Fund Accounting
  • Forms 468, 1031A & 1031
  • Capital Certificates
  • Commitment Applications
  • Leverage Draw Requests
  • SBA Exam schedules and support
  • SBA Year End Audit Support
  • Ongoing Regulatory Analysis & Support

Fund Administration

  • Partnership Accounting
  • Form 1099s
  • Management Fee Calculations
  • Waterfall Modeling
  • Financial Statements and Capital Statements
  • GAAP and SBA Audit Support
  • Capital Calls and Distributions
  • Investor Services
  • Investor Portal Support and Maintenance
  • AML/KYC and ongoing investor screenings
  • Fund Raising Data Room

SBIC Consulting

  • Financial Modeling & Projections
  • Distribution Analysis
  • Liquidation Strategies & Fund Wind-Up
  • Pre-Licensing MAQ & PPM review

SBIC Fund Services

Our specialized services for Small Business Investment Companies (SBICs) include:

  • Prepare Forms 468, 1031A & 1031
  • Preparing exam schedules and support binders for SBA Exams
  • Prepare valuations for investments that meet fund specifications and SBA guidelines
  • Prepare Capital Certificates
  • Prepare leverage draw packages and commitment applications
  • Provide consultation on wind-up, licensing, compliance, modeling, and analysis


Specialized SBIC Consulting

PEF was one of the first fund administrators to support SBIC funds, and we continue to provide leading expertise for this complex and highly regulated fund type. Our team includes specialists with decades of experience in the SBIC industry. Consulting areas include:

Fund Launch Services

  • Perform initial due diligence and planning
  • Prepare documents and applications
  • Review license application support materials
  • Manage document portal to support fundraising
  • Provide post-launch services (SBA exam prep, Fund distribution analysis, LP/LPAC meeting prep)

Fund Wind-Up Services

  • Perform fund wind-up modeling
  • Assist in negotiations with SBA
  • Collect and analyze investor identity documentation
  • Develop secondary sales and fund liquidation strategies

The Definitive Guide to SBIC Fund Administration

Drawing on PEF’s extensive track record in SBIC fund administration, this white paper will help General Partners who are considering the launch of an SBIC, or have already launched one, to determine whether they are ready to handle the additional administrative demands and maximize the benefits of this fund strategy.

The white paper covers:

  • Issues to consider to determine readiness for SBIC fund administration.
  • Key factors that ensure success in this challenging reporting environment.
  • Best practices for SBIC fund administration and the allocations of fund administration expenses.
  • A checklist and resource references to help select a fund administrator for an SBIC fund.

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More than 50 Years of Collective Involvement in the SBIC Program


SBIC funds deploy billions of dollars of capital, but to launch and maintain one successfully, you need the right fund administration partner.

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PEF leverages the expertise they gather from their experiences with other clients and provides us with insight from an accounting perspective.
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