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Customized Solutions for General Partners

PEF has helped more than 100 General Partners spanning multiple fund types and more than 4,000 Limited Partners who receive fund reporting through PEF’s Investor Library.

We use proven processes, flexible technology, and unmatched expertise to support funds of all sizes, from startups and smaller funds to those with billion-dollar commitments, and help General Partners demonstrate the highest levels of transparency and professionalism to their investors.

Leveraging more than 15 years of experience in alternative asset specialty areas, we help private capital firms transform their back office into a center of excellence by seamlessly upgrading the quality, breadth, depth, and timeliness of investor information.

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Fund Administration Services

Fund Accounting

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Investor Services

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Additional Services

Bookkeeping Services and Financial Reporting for the General Partner

Bookkeeping Services for the Management Company

Consulting Services

AML/KYC Investor Services

SBIC Services

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Fund Administration Services

Fund Accounting

We manage the day-to-day books and records for all types of private capital firms, including Funds and General Partnerships.

The PEF team has extensive experience in fund accounting for buyout, debt, distressed, fund of funds, mezzanine, real estate, venture, and SBICs.

Services include
  • Record cash transactions from bank activity
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Record accrued/prepaid expenses, deferred income and other adjustments (e.g. PIK, OID)
  • Maintain support schedules for accruals
  • Record valuation adjustments
  • Prepare monthly trial balance, balance sheet and P&L statement
  • Prepare checks and wire instructions
  • Prepare Form 1099 and distribute to recipients
  • Monitor collection of portfolio company interest income

Administration & Compliance

We reduce the burden on your staff by assuming responsibility for all record-keeping, audit, and review processes.

We use proven methods, technologies, and expertise to improve operational effectiveness, contain costs, and improve accuracy.

Services Include
  • Prepare federal and state income tax returns
  • Implement new or review existing accounting, filing and record-keeping systems
  • Prepare and maintain files for financial reporting, partner communications, audits and capital management
  • Prepare for and manage year-end audits, including audit schedules and auditor inquiries
  • Review annual valuation documentation and procedures
  • Assist fund managers with partner communications

Capital Management

We monitor and manage the capital needs of your funds, from allocating capital calls to preparing and distributing notices. Our team takes over this time-consuming and labor-intensive process and ensures you’re prepared to meet your financial obligations.

Services Include
  • Monitor capital needs of the fund in conjunction with the fund manager
  • Allocate capital call amounts to each partner
  • Prepare and distribute call notices and distribution notices via the Investor Library
  • Monitor receipts for capital calls and communicate outstanding amounts to the fund manager
  • Prepare allocation of distribution amounts among partners

Financial Reporting

We manage complex private-capital fund reporting and make reports and statements available to your LPs 24/7 via a dedicated Investor Library.

Whether you’re looking for best-practice reporting or customized special reporting requirements of private capital funds, we can exceed your expectations.

Services Include
  • Prepare quarterly and annual financial statements
  • Maintain and report on capital accounts for each partner
  • Prepare portfolio performance reports
  • Generate custom reports using your preferred metrics
  • Post financial and capital account statements to the Investor Library

Investor Services

We manage investor communications – including capital calls, distributions, and financial statements – through our secure, proprietary online technology.

  • Manage and coordinate all communications with Investors
  • Administer and maintain PEF’s Investor Library Portal, including uploading documents and notifying investors
  • Maintain investor and related contact data
  • Assist with and provide timely responses to investor inquiries
  • Provide regulatory and compliance support, including AML/KYC

Additional Services

Management Company Services

We provide a complete, outsourced bookkeeping solution that enables management companies to re-focus their efforts on growth and strategic operations.

Bookkeeping services include
  • Record cash transactions from bank activity
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Prepare checks twice a month
  • Monitor payables and receivables
  • Prepare portfolio company invoices quarterly, if applicable
  • Record accrued/prepaid income/expenses and other adjustments as necessary at quarter end
  • Prepare quarterly trial balance, balance sheet and P&L statement for review
  • Prepare 1099s and distribute to recipients

General Partner Services

PEF offers a complete, outsourced fund administration solution for General Partners that includes fund accounting, financial reporting and compliance, capital management, and investor services.

Bookkeeping services include
  • Record cash transactions from bank activity
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Record valuation and other adjustments at quarter end
  • Prepare quarterly trial balance, balance sheet and P&L statement for review by General Partner
  • Prepare 1099s and distribute to recipients
  • Prepare unaudited annual financial statement
  • Maintain capital accounts for each partner

AML / KYC Investor Services

We perform a complete range of investor identification, diligence, verification, and monitoring services, including AML/KYC. Our investor services team plays a critical role in a fund manager’s due diligence process by providing the following services as required:

  • Review investors against the Global Sanction List (including OFAC), Foreign Official/Publicly Exposed Person List, Global Enforcement List and Global Adverse Media List
  • Advise on investor eligibility and performing enhanced due diligence on specific investors
  • Provide litigation, bankruptcy, regulatory and law enforcement checks, and international media searches
  • Obtain and securely store investor documents to verify accreditation status
  • Review subscription documents for accuracy and completeness
  • Obtain the required verification information from the investor via a secure portal
  • Deliver status reports to the fund manager on a regular basis
  • Store investor documents in a secure location
  • Perform investor monitoring in accordance with the policies of the fund

SBIC Services

With deep roots in the SBIC market, PEF delivers an unparalleled level of experience and knowledge in this complex and highly regulated fund type.

Our specialized services for Small Business Investment Companies (SBICs) include:

  • Prepare Forms 468, 1031A & 1031
  • Preparing exam schedules and support binders for SBA Exams
  • Prepare valuations for investments that meet fund specifications and SBA guidelines
  • Prepare capital certificates
  • Prepare leverage draw packages and commitment applications
  • Provide consultation on wind-up, licensing, compliance, modeling, and analysis

Consulting Services

We provide targeted guidance for wind-down or end-of-life funds, SBIC funds, litigation situations, and other complex administration projects.

Our team of senior-level specialists in general and fund accounting, finance, operations, administration, and complex fund types can support you by:

  • Provide targeted support for funds in wind-down mode or end of life funds
  • Conduct regulatory compliance reviews
  • Provide strategic consulting
  • Conduct distribution analyses
  • Provide secondary transaction due diligence support
  • Assist with tax planning
  • Review valuation methodology and calculations
  • Provide litigation support
  • Review Private Placement Memorandums and Limited Partnership Agreements

Specialized SBIC Consulting

PEF was one of the first fund administrators to support SBIC funds, and we continue to provide leading expertise for this complex and highly regulated fund type. Our team includes specialists with decades of experience in the SBIC industry. Consulting areas include:

Fund Launch Services
  • Perform initial due diligence and planning
  • Prepare documents and applications
  • Review license application support materials
  • Manage document portal to support fundraising
  • Provide post-launch services (SBA exam prep, Fund distribution analysis, LP/LPAC meeting prep)
Fund Wind-Up Services
  • Perform fund wind-up modeling
  • Assist in negotiations with SBA
  • Collect and analyze investor identity documentation
  • Develop secondary sales and fund liquidation strategies

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