By Janice B. Schopper, PEF Services

To alleviate some of the stress of year-end financials, on Tuesday, March 4, PEF Services celebrated their second annual Multicultural Day.  Each PEF team member brought in a dish that was a representative of their family traditions.

Since PEF has such a diverse team, the varieties of food options were abundant.  Some of the delicacies included: Pierogies, Guyanese Chow Mein, Chinese Dumplings, Chinese Rice Balls, Mexican Chili, Samosas, Potato Latkes, Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Francaise, Noodle Kugel, Falafel with Tahini, Pork Fried Rice, Mei Fun, Bagels with white fish and a variety of desserts.

 Our Fat Tuesday feast led to a Wednesday fast!