By Hank Boggio, Senior Managing Director & Chief Revenue Officer of PEF Services LLC

Outsourcing your fund administration services does not mean losing control or access to your data. Self-service portals can streamline and organize data for General Partner CFOs and your back office teams.

Portals allow visibility and control over fund data while outsourcing the complex, time-consuming tasks associated with administering your funds.

A fund administration portal ensures that fund and investment information and the underlying account data are available on demand. It should be accessible 24/7, from any desktop or tablet.

Through the use of a portal, you can view dashboard data and export it to Excel for your own review and analysis. It should also allow for the creation of standard customized reports for external reviewers including auditors, tax prepares and other key stakeholders.

Three Main Elements of An Effective Self-Service Portal

1. Accounting Dashboard

An effective accounting dashboard leverages data from the official books and records of the fund. It should provide transparent access to all financial statements, including month-end and quarter-end accounting reports. Ideally, it would provide you with interactive, drill-down views of transaction-level details.


2. Reporting Dashboard

A reporting dashboard would allow you to see a holistic view of your funds and underlying investments with drill-down capability to view performance metrics.

These should include DPI, TVPI, RVPI and IRR, and fund breakdown by industry and region. Data at all levels should be downloadable, allowing for further internal analysis and reporting.

3. Customizable Reports

A self-service portal should also include a report generator to access a range of standard and customizable reports. The report generator would include portfolio snapshots, cumulative investment performance, quarterly security ledgers, and more.

24/7 Access to your Fund and Investment Data

An effective self-service fund administration portal should provide interactive, 24/7 access to your fund and investment data to enable you to maintain control over your fund data.

With access to your own secure, self-service portal, your fund and investment performance information and underlying accounting data is always available to the entire back office team. 

A self-service portal should include a high-level of security, customization and interaction for the user.

With financial data, it is important to ensure that it is protected, including the protection of two-factor authentication extended validation SSL certificates.

The portal should also allow for the creation of custom reports, which can include quarterly reports, portfolio snapshots, and more.

Most of all, interactivity is an important and key feature since users will be able to work with the software to access financial statements and data for their own internal review.

To learn about PEF’s Online (PEFO) self-service portal, click here.