Private Equity Funds

Private Equity Fund Administrations

Fund administration has evolved from a simple task to an intensive and complex activity requiring higher headcount, greater expertise, and sophisticated technological resources.

For nearly 20 years, PEF has worked with Private Equity Funds of all sizes and investment strategies, ranging from Emerging Managers and first time funds to those with billion-dollar commitments. We bring a mix of proven processes, flexible technology, and unmatched expertise to every engagement and help General Partners demonstrate the highest levels of transparency and professionalism to their investors.

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Our Services

Fund Accounting

We manage the day-to-day books and records for all types of private capital firms, including Funds and General Partnerships.

  • Review cash activity, reconcile to supporting documentation and record transactions
  • Reconcile bank accounts
  • Prepare checks, wires and ACH transactions
  • Calculate management fees
  • Record accrued/prepaid income/expenses and other adjustments (e.g. PIK and OID)
  • Maintain support schedules for receivables and accruals and reconcile to cash received/disbursed
  • Maintain support schedules for portfolio company loans, interest receivables and income and reconcile to cash received/disbursed
  • Record valuation adjustments
  • Prepare accounting reports including: trial balance, balance sheet, income statement, general ledger and journal entries
  • Prepare and distribute 1099s

Administration & Compliance

We reduce the burden on your staff by assuming responsibility for all record-keeping, audit, and review processes. We use proven methods, technologies, and expertise to improve operational effectiveness, contain costs, and improve accuracy.

  • Prepare for and manage year-end audit, including audit schedules and auditor inquiries
  • Establish/review accounting, filing and record keeping systems
  • Prepare and maintain files for financial reporting, communications with partners, audits and capital management
  • Review valuation documentation and procedures

Financial Reporting

We manage complex private capital fund reporting and make reports and statements available to your investors through our secure, proprietary ViewPoint™ investor portal.

  • Prepare quarterly and annual financial statements
  • Maintain support schedules for partner allocations and distribution waterfall
  • Prepare and distribute quarterly capital account statements

Capital Management

We monitor and manage the capital needs of your funds, from allocating capital calls to preparing and distributing notices. Our team takes over this time-consuming and labor-intensive process and ensures you’re prepared to meet your financial obligations.

  • Monitor capital needs in conjunction with the General Partner
  • Allocate capital call and distribution amounts to each investor
  • Prepare and distribute call and distribution notices
  • Monitor receipts for capital calls and payment for distributions

Investor Services

We manage investor communications – including capital calls, distributions, and financial statements – through our secure, proprietary ViewPoint™ investor portal.

  • Coordinate fulfillment of all investor deliverables
  • Administer and maintain PEF’s Investor Portal, including uploading documents and notifying investors
  • Maintain investor and related contact data
  • Assist with and provide timely responses to investor inquiries
  • Provide regulatory and compliance support, including AML/KYC

The Future of Private Capital Fund Services White Paper

Just as GPs implement a roadmap for the front office ahead of every fundraise, they need to develop a roadmap for back-office readiness and fund services excellence in order to ensure that they are ready to respond to the needs and priorities of investors.

In this white paper, we examine the timeframes and the operational and technological capabilities that need to drive the fundraising roadmap for every investment manager.

White Paper: The Future of Private Capital Fund Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Private Capital Fund Administration

In the past decade, the private capital industry has changed—and grown—dramatically.

As the pace of change accelerates, a growing number of investment firms of every size and type are rethinking their back-office strategy…and turning to outsourced fund administration.

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