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Resilience Capital

“We received overnight credibility and stability in terms of fund administration, and avoided the significant cost and learning curve associated with bringing in and building a team from scratch.” Chris Clair, CFO, Resilience Capital Client Background Resilience...

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Multiplier Capital

“Because PEF has so much experience, they often have insights that go beyond their role as third-party administrator.” Kevin Sheehan, Managing General Partner, Multiplier Capital Client Background Multiplier Capital invests in professionally backed growth companies...

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"PEF helped us along and made sure that we never had any issues when it came to regulatory matters.” Colin Eckersley, Senior Accountant, CRG Client Background Since 2003, CRG has supported innovation in the healthcare industry by serving the growth capital needs of...

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Hudson Ferry Capital

"PEF was very helpful when we were a new fund learning how to comply with SBA regulatory filing requirements.” Paul Hudson, Partner, Hudson Ferry Capital Client Background Formed in 2007, Hudson Ferry focuses on control-oriented buyout investments across a wide range...

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Tecum Capital

"If someone is thinking about investing and they hear you’re using PEF, that can be a feather in your cap.” Tyson Smith, Partner, Tecum Capital Client Background Tecum Capital Partners is a $200 million SBIC fund, licensed in August 2013. Focused on the Midwest,...

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Kian Capital

"PEF leverages the expertise they gather from their experiences with other clients and provides us with insight from an accounting perspective. They've got our backs." Charlie Edmondson, CFO, Kian Capital Client Background Founded in 2011, Kian Capital is a private...

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Lone Creek

“They have proven to be valuable counsel on a whole range of opportunities apart from just a purely administrative function.” John Bingaman, Managing Principal, Lone Creek Management Client Background Lone Creek Management LLC was founded in 2009 by John Bingaman and...

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Pine Street Capital Partners

“The primary value we offer our investors is to invest and manage their capital thoughtfully, so that’s where we dedicate our time. PEF Services helps us stay focused on our core strengths.” Mike Lasch, Managing Partner, Pine Street Capital Partners Client Background...

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