by Janice Schopper, PEF Services

What is that saying “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?”

That is exactly what PEF Services did during the 16 day shutdown of the government. While PEF Services continued to serve our clients, guiding them through a difficult time, we decided to have a little fun with a serious situation to help lighten the mood.

From left to right: Kevin Wolpert, Anne Anquillare, Mike Wychozowycz and Jay Bhatt

The idea was to have a pool, yes a pool! It really was more like a government reopening guessing game. Very similar to a baby pool but instead of guessing the birth date of the baby we were guessing when the government would reopen.  No easy task!

The rules for the pool were simple. Just guess the date and you win. It just so happens that we have three rather well informed people on the PEF Services team that picked  October 17th for the government to reopen.

Let’s hope we are not doing this again in January!