Operational excellence is built on trusted expertise

We are a boutique firm that includes CFAs, CPAs, former CFOs, board directors, SBA executives, audit managers, and compliance officers, and we bring a wealth of insight and experience to every client engagement. By hiring the best and promoting from within, we have built one of the most skilled and respected teams in the industry.

Our General Partner, Limited Partner, and management-company clients come to us—and stay with us—because they trust our people to transform the back office into a center of excellence.

Our Clients

General Partners

Scale operations smoothly and deliver a superior level of service to your LPs. We have extensive experience managing complex fund types, including SBICs

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Limited Partners

By partnering with PEF, you can stretch operating budgets further, enhance compliance and standardization, and face investors and boards with confidence.

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Our Services

Fund Accounting

We manage the day-to-day books and records for all types of private capital funds, including SBICs, startups, special purpose vehicles, and more. 

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Administration and compliance

We reduce the burden on your staff by assuming responsibility for all record-keeping, audit, and review processes.

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Capital management

We monitor and manage the capital needs of your funds, from allocating capital calls to preparing and distributing notices.

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Financial Reporting

We manage complex private-capital fund reporting and make reports and statements available to your LPs 24/7 via a dedicated Investor Library.

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Investor Services

We perform a complete range of investor identification, diligence, and monitoring services, including AML/KYC.

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Management Company

We provide a complete, outsourced bookkeeping solution that enables management companies to re-focus their efforts on growth and strategic operations.

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Consulting/SBIC Services

We provide targeted guidance for wind-down or end-of-life funds, SBIC funds, litigation situations, and other complex administration projects.

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AML/KYC Investor Services

We perform a complete range of investor identification, diligence, verification, and monitoring services, including AML/KYC.

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“We received overnight credibility and stability in terms of fund administration, and avoided the significant cost and learning curve associated with bringing in and building a team from scratch…It’s like turning on a switch.”

-Chris Clair, CFO, Resilience Capital